My 2 Cents

I’ve been designing forever but I’m the absolute worst at documenting my work, bar none.  In this age of Facebook where there are those that archive their every moment, I let my work go for months and years with nary a flash.  But now that’s all changed!  I’m on the blog train, and I’m so excited to share my thoughts, passions, and experience I’ve gained over the past many years.

I recently opened the front three rooms of my 1924 Italianate home as a showroom.  Since one space is my dining room, I thought I’d set a different table every month as a fun way to introduce myself.  I’ve always loved setting tables–for me, it’s the very best part of entertaining–and I’ve collected an embarrassing  amount of dishware along the way.  Now I not only have a place to use my stash, but I get to show off a very favorite form of design. So you’ll see table settings on this blog, but also work in progress and nuggets of wisdom gained over a lifetime of practice.  I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to work every day in a field that I love and it’s time to share the secrets.

BTW, did you realize that the sign for cents has been removed from the keyboard?  Every time I need it, I’m again surprised that it’s gone (what—every 5 years or so?).  It’s probably been missing for years—wait, let me look that up.  Oh, it went away in the 1970’s with the advent of personal computers.   Obviously a good call!